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Sri RamaKrishna Gurukula, Gopala Gowda Extension, Shivamoga-577204

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Admissions opened for academic year 2022-23(Boarding School)

Welcome To RamaKrishna Gurukula School

The School Strives to blend the heritage, culture, values and wisdom of ancient India with the constantly changing needs and aspirations of modern society. It seeks to develop every student into a self-reliant socially useful, disciplines and law abiding citizen; in other words, it aims at developing every pupil into an integrated personality.

The basic approach is guide by the fact that nature gifts every child with a 'unique potential' which with adequate environment inputs, can be developed in to outstanding competence, so vital to face the increasing competation in today's world. At the same time, it seeks to safeguard the young mind against the negative influence of materialism and the counterproductive effects of industrialization so as to preserve and promote the scanctity of family and commmunity relationships.

Scientific Education
As we all know, the need of the hour is the scientific education.So we encourage the students to develop scientific skills of learning through practical seminars group discussion,science quiz,science model making and by oraganizing science exhibitions in the school. Moreover we regularly conduct lectures from eminent science scholars.We are practicing new tecnology for teaching like OHP,LCD Projector internet,Computer.CCTV and well euipped lab.So students can digest the subject.

Gurukula System
Gurukula System is the Indian ancient method of teaching. Here students and teachers are living together. A teacher can guide and rectify the students in all the areas like discipline, neatness, mannerism, tution, health, sports, food, prayer, yoga, dhyana, music and drawing. To build overall personality and to instigate the creativity we follow gandhian way of living,that is 'simple living and high thinking' and the teacher can take care of 25 students in a batch. In this method we found all round development in the students.

Sri. Ramakrishna Vidyaniketana

Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa Dev

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Sri Ramakrishna Vidyaniketana,
Gopala Gowda Extension,

Tel : 08182 - 258286

Mobile : 9845560531 / 9480109422

Sri Ramakrishna Gurukula,

Mobile : 9480109422

Mobile : 9845560531

Sri Ramakrishna Gurukula,
Halkuni, Chordi

Mobile : 9480109422

Mobile : 9845560531