Vision And Mission

A child can digest the education easily by practical method only, along with education a kid should develop some co-curricular activities like sports, yoga, meditation, music, karate, Bharata Natyam, drawing and skill of writing. If a kid develops these kinds of activities as hobby. it supports for the enrichment of his education and career.

Our mission is to built a strong vision in the tender mind of the students about the aims, top achievements like IAS, IIM, IIT in human life and so on, so about 85% of our students preferably desires for Technical Courses.

About Our School


A specious school building,Well ventilated ideal classrooms, Vast play ground,Well experienced teachers

Curricular Activities

Quality teaching and training, Individual attentionContinuous and comprehensive evaluation,


Education tours to explore practical experience,Spoken English Training & how to overcome stage fear.


Sri Ramakrishna Merit Award

Every year we are honoring the students with Sri Ramakrishna Merit Award for their memorable achievement.

Health Care

R.O System Purified drinking water,Frequently health checkup,First aid facilities for medical emergencies during school hours.

Smart Class

Improves teacher effectiveness and productivity in class,Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.