School Achievements
▪ According to Swami Vivekananda 'Sound mind in a sound body so we concentrate all round development of the kid.
▪ Our School students participated in Pratibha karanji in Zonal, Taluk, District and State level and they won 261 first prize in various events in the year of 2013-14.
▪ Our school students won 183 prizes in Sports Organized by The Education Department in the year of 2013-14

National Level Star Abacus Held At Hyderabad
1.Akshatha B
5.Rajath Kumar R.

State Level Star Athletics Held At Davanger
1.Vinodh M G
2.Anagh B

State level Science Exhibition Held At Bailahongal
1.Shreevasthsa Athwar
2.Sachin H S

National Level Stars 2018-19

Serial No. Name Event Medal Place
1 Poornika Karate Silver Belgaum

State Level Stars 2018-19

Serial No. Name Event Medal Place
1 Sinchana Rangoli Gold Mysore
2 Rakesh S Karate Gold Belgaum
3 Anusha Karate Gold Belgaum
4 Lavanya Karate Gold Belgaum
5 Nirmitha Karate Gold Belgaum
6 Rithika Karate Gold Belgaum
7 Gagan Karate Gold Belgaum
8 Abhinaya Karate Gold Belgaum
9 Poornika Karate Gold Belgaum
10 Samrudh D V Sahithya Sammelana Gold Mandya
11 Kishan A S Sahithya Sammelana Gold Mandya
12 Sudhin R L Sahithya Sammelana Gold Mandya
13 Sumukha S K Sahithya Sammelana Gold Mandya
14 Samrat D V Sahithya Sammelana Gold Mandya
15 Srushti Sahithya Sammelana Gold Mandya
16 Nidhi Hosamani Sahithya Sammelana Gold Mandya
17 Anagha K R Sahithya Sammelana Gold Mandya
18 Manish S Sahithya Sammelana Gold Mandya
19 Vikas M Kulkarni Sahithya Sammelana Gold Mandya
20 Shravani B R Athletic (400 mtr) Gold Mandya
21 Tanushree R Yoga Gold Shivamogga
22 Raksha M S Yoga Gold Shivamogga
23 Jyothi S N Yoga Gold Shivamogga
24 Lavanya Yoga Gold Shivamogga
25 Samrudh D V Science Exhibition Gold Shivamogga
26 Samrudh D V Vicharaghoshti Gold Bangalore
27 Alisha K Vinay Olympiyad Gold Vijayapura
28 Skanda A Varnekar Olympiyad Gold Vijayapura

District Level Stars 2018-19

Serial No. Name Event Medal Place
1 Disha D Shenoy Chess Gold Shivamogga
2 Samith Quiz Gold Shivamogga
3 Sumukh Quiz Gold Shivamogga
4 Manoj B H Quiz Gold Shivamogga
5 Dushyanth Quiz Gold Shivamogga
6 Poorvi L Raj Kavvali Silver Shivamogga
7 Nidhi Hosamane Kavvali Silver Shivamogga
8 Kounain Fathima Kavvali Silver Shivamogga
9 Saunaina Kavvali Silver Shivamogga
10 Mohammed Imaad Kavvali Silver Shivamogga
11 Dastagir Kavvali Silver Shivamogga
12 Deekshitha Naik Bharathanatya Gold Shivamogga
13 Srushti Abhinayageethe (Pprathibha Karanji) Silver Shivamogga
14 Varsha Shot Put Silver Shivamogga
15 Nandan Gowda Science Exhibition Gold Shivamogga
16 Koushik Y J Science Exhibition Gold Shivamogga
17 Nandan Gowda Kalashree Gold Shivamogga
18 Koushik Y J Kalashree Gold Shivamogga
19 Manish Kalashree Gold Shivamogga
20 Deekshitha Kalashree Gold Shivamogga